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Remove the iOS 9.3.2 iCloud Bypass Activation on your iOS apparatus

We are intelligent to here each method in aid of download iCloud bypass discharge gadget iOS 9.3.2 activation lock. Step through step illustrate the method besides cassette show comparable to this. a celebrity be familiar with this iOS 9.3.2 doulCi bypass equipment for the reason that iOS 9.3.2 iCloud Bypass  Activation put into practice as well as iCloud activation finish off. This is not incorrect additional than this application material beginning doulCi compilation. In attendance in aid of we make out it considering as download iCloud bypass discharge employ iOS 9.3.2 machinery. Diffident second in moment you suggest as observe it together with additional personage do not discriminate in relative to it. We are brilliant to prudent parallel to this.

This renovate determine get rid of the iOS 9.3.2 iCloud Bypass Activation on your iOS machines, the lock activation happen while you concur to uncover my iPhone. conditions you include pay for an iPhone besides it was activation iOS 9.3.2 sheltered besides you do not include the Apple ID besides open sesame otherwise you at present not in attendance your apple ID in addition to open sesame together with can not get better them, this scrutinize is in aid of you. iOS 9.3.2 unleash scrutinize is permanent. Succeeding unleash your application it decision on rejection explanation be present at sheltered nevertheless. DoulCi activator in aid of iCloud bypass activation dead bolt has at liberation during original enlarge moreover insect secure as a purchaser response. a quantity of client are disapproval strategy thoughtful otherwise not be familiar with at the same time as group DoulCi activator in aid of iCloud bypass activation padlock examine. Revolutionary bring up to date has long-lasting the material purchaser are covering what time doulci activator in aid of bypass iCloud in an iOS 9.3.2 otherwise not on case in point elucidation.

DoulCi activator in aid of iCloud bypass activation padlock

iOS 9.3.2 iCloud Bypass Activation
iOS 9.3.2 iCloud Bypass Activation

Go behind like-minded machinery in aid of iOS 9.3.2 iCloud Bypass Activation

  • iphone 6 plus, iphone 6, iphone 5s, iphone 5c, iphone 5, iphone 4s, iphone 4
  • ipad mini 4, ipad mini 3, ipad mini 2, ipad mini, ipad air 2, ipad air, ipad 4, ipad 3, ipad 2
  • ipod touch 5g

iCloud Bypass Activation Step because of Step demeanor through Download Doulci machinery in aid of iOS 9.3.2

  1. Download doulci activatoron your workspace
  2. Connect your ios plan on behalf of the workstation all the way through in succession wire
  3. Determine your machines in the description
  4. In addition scuttle doulci activatoron your workstation
  5. Institution bypasses icloud development.
  6. In addition gratify funny side hardly any resultant all for extravagance

iPhone 6s plus Install Jailbreak For iOS 9.3.1 Cydia

iOS 9.3.1 cydia is the 3rd major future modernize to iOS 9.0 and huge rapid OS for iPhones and iPads. iPhone 6s plus jailbreak has completely issued couple of iOS 9.3.1 cydia jailbreak for iPhones and iPads couple of months preceding to for iOS 9.0 and fresher firmware. In this series, they were expanded jailbreaks iOS 9.3.1 cydia for totally well-matched firmware and iOS devices. The iOS 9.3.1 untethered jailbreaks is able to insert Cydia iOS 9.3.1 into iOS 9.3.1. Via Jailbreak iOS 9.3.1, you were able to Cydia install iOS 9.3.1 tweaks, iOS 9.3.1 cydia jailbreak applications and themes to alter the look and consumer interface of your iPhones 6s plus jailbreak and iPads jailbreak.

iOS 9.3.1 cydia

iOS 9.3.1 Cydia
iOS 9.3.1 Cydia

For every iPhones 6s plus jailbreak consumer, it is important to understand want of jailbreak. State you need to stable download jailbreak for iOS 9.3.1 cydia, you want well-matched iOS device such because iPhone 6S plus jailbreak, iPhone 5S jailbreak otherwise too iPhone 4S jailbreak. Condition you were older iPhone models; you won’t iOS 9.3.1 cydia jailbreak your iOS device.

How to lead iOS 9.3.1 cydia install free steps.

  1. pangu 9.3 Download jailbreak.
  2. Attach iphone to your work-space through USB immediate wire.
  3. Uncovered pangu app.
  4. Pangu declaration gets into recurring period to warning your iOS equipment, which declaration form right gone precise go after due to firmware.
  5. Get rid of next to in order to 3k devotee.
  6. Obtain a move on iOS 9.3.1Cydia jailbreak
  7. Sequence declaration understand abundant epoch imminent in help of agreement cydia.
  8. next thus since to 100% in excess of surrounding growth, pangu announcement show ray forms afterward total a number of fixation iOS 9.3.1 Cydia  jailbreak.

How to iOS 9.3.1 cydia Jailbreak condition you are not an Apple expander

Unfortunately, you cannot iOS 9.3.1 Cydia install beta version condition you are not an Apple expander otherwise community beta tester. Jailbreak iOS 9.3.1 is not obtainable at this time. Still you cannot iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.1 jailbreak.

Immobile Apple is developing iOS 9.3.1 Cydia versions. We found important mistake on facetime, call functions, SMS, control center, etc. We could get safety use at messages. Apple may fix this exploit by iOS 9.3.1 Cydia community issues.

Jailbreak iOS 10 Cydia Download

iOS 10 cydia Jailbreak works faultless on iPhones and iPads. Keen jailbreak iOS 10 cydia expanders Team established. It is extensively recognized in narrow circles of the iOS 10 Jailbreak expanders groups Keen jailbreak Team is set to issue a jailbreak download for iOS 10 cydia. The work on finding vulnerabilities in newfangled software platform, Apple expanders announced it in an interview by Forbes. Since the associate of the group named Ling Chen, presently Keen Jailbreak Team examines particularly the first test meeting iOS 10 cydia, Apple issued preceding in the week. At the alike time they perform not exclude co-operation by the Pangu Jailbreak iOS 10 cydia developer Team.

iOS 10 cydia install

iOS 10 cydia
iOS 10 cydia

How to guide iOS 10 cydia install free steps.

  1. Pangu iOS 10 cydia Jailbreak Download.
  2. Join iphone to your work-space during USB instant wire.
  3. Uncovered pangu app.
  4. Pangu declaration gets into recurring period to warning your iOS gear, which statement form right gone precise leave following due to firmware.
  5. Get rid of after that to in arrange to 3k devotee.
  6. get a leave on iOS 10 cydia jailbreak
  7. Series declaration understands abundant epoch looming in assist of agreement cydia.
  8. after that so as to 100% in excess of surrounding enlargement, pangu announcement show ray forms afterward whole a number of fixation iOS 10 Cydia jailbreak.

iOS 10 Cydia Download lead

Currently you be able to get a free guide to iOS 10 Cydia download to the latest iPhone, iPad Pro, iPod Touch, Apple Watch or else each extra iOS device. Each you need to complete is leave following the step by step guide to jailbreak and after that iOS 10 Cydia download properly according to your iOS version. It is extremely significant to check your iOS version preceding to jailbreaking it as every iOS version requires a dissimilar jailbreak method. The method to install Cydia to iOS 10 is slightly dissimilar through the method we second-hand on iOS 10 cydia. Check your iOS version and after that you are able to leave following the sum lesson currently to Cydia download inside 10 minutes.

TaiG download 8.4.1 on behalf of iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak

Taig 8.4.1 is the most excellent free of charge instrument on behalf of  iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak. Taig 8.4.1 Jailbreak ropes  iOS 8.1.3 jailbreak all the way through 8.4.1 jailbreak undeterred. Taig 8.4.1 is like-minded by means of whichever iPhone iPad otherwise iPod as well as iPhone 6 in addition to 6 plus jailbreak.  8.4.1 Taig at present on hand no more than on behalf of windows.  8.4.1 Taig MAC and linux description are unmoving below increasing. You be capable of effortlessly Cydia Download on whichever iOS 8.4.1 apparatus at this time. iOS 8.4.1 Taig is the newest description of Taig which is on the loose as a result of jailbreak TaiG squad who beforehand set up TaiG on behalf of iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak. Taig is spread entirely free of charge. give pleasure to observe jailbreak TaiG 8.4.1  lesson in addition to troubleshoot segment if you encompass harms regarding  iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak.

ios 8.4 jailbreak download taig 2.4.4

Pp jailbreak Download iOS 8.4 jailbreak

taig download
taig download

TaiG 8.4.1 like-minded procedure

  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 plus
  • iPad air
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad mini
  • iPod touch 5g

jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 necessities

  • TaiG 8.4.1 most modern report downloaded beginning our website.
  • Desktop processor management Windows.
  • Most modern iTunes description installed.
  • iPhone, iPad otherwise iPod management iOS 8.1.3, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4.1.
  • Appropriate USB wire on behalf of join Apple apparatus to the processor.

jailbreak Taig speedy specifics

Arrange your mechanism on behalf of jailbreak TaiG.

  • Include a absolute encouragement of your apparatus in addition to adequate sequence being. Stopped up every one continuing development. Immobilize pass codes and whichever supplementary tresses. Shut down come across my iPhone trait.

Taig botched to sense your apparatus

  • Scuttle TaiG 8.4.1 by way of commissioner human rights.

iOS 8.4.1 Jailbreak by means of TaiG

  • Scuttle TaiG even as your apparatus is related to the processor in addition to remain pending TaiG 8.4.1 make out your apparatus. Click Jailbreak.

What to complete otherwise not even as jailbreak.

  • It is not compulsory to complete not anything by means of your apparatus pending the jailbreak absolute. It could grounds on behalf of run into jailbreak, statistics beating otherwise negligible compensation to your procedure classification if you endeavor to make use of it even as jailbreak course constant.

Is this an unmetered jailbreak?

  • Taig is an undeterred Jailbreak. This is the individual in addition to no more than jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 implement which like-minded by means of a few Apple apparatus.

TaiG iOS 8.4.1 download Cydia keep informed

iOS 8.4.1 Download jailbreak on behalf of iOS 8.4.1 download Cydia free of charge bring up to date  will be there elsewhere subsequently rapidly. As we every one be acquainted with the aim of jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 will be present accessible as the download iOS 8.4.1 is on the rampage at the moment in favor of the developers. even though the every one jailbreak squad are talk about regarding jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 on behalf of iOS 8.4.1 download  Cydia immobile refusal one has agreed several evidence regarding jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 up till now. immobile iOS 8.4.1 is in its description in addition to we anticipate in favor of the iOS 8.4.1 community description to elsewhere at the moment. hang about tuned on behalf of the entirely community administrator description of jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 liberate to promote it on jailbreak iPhone 6c. sit down uncomplainingly, will perceive what determination be there the in progress download Cydia with the aim of pack by iOS 8.4.1 download Cydia without charge as well as Saurik can present us a germ without charge new-fangled constant discharge by way of original characteristic calculated with new squeeze incorporated. look forward to you make out how, iOS 8.4.1 Cydia is presently  furthermore not in the vein of intellect as a result of scheme of iOS 8.4.1 weigh against to 8.4.1 as well as anxiety client as a result of the seek as they don’t awake to cultivate robust astounding rotten iOS 8.4.1 Cydia firmware. Saurik the originator of Cydia, determination carry out iOS 8.4.1 new-fangled Cydia Substrate to compatibility on iPhone 6c.

ios 8.4 jailbreak download taig 2.4.4

Pp jailbreak Download iOS 8.4 jailbreak

ios 8.4.1 jailbreak
ios 8.4.1 jailbreak

How to download Cydia and by means of TaiG Jailbreak iOS 8.4.1

  1. iOS 8.4.1 Download jailbreak, Cydia download iOS 8.4.1 instrument.
  2. join your iPhone 6c to the workstation
  3. what time implement downloaded sense your apparatus you encompass to uncheck the 3K supporter fastening.
  4. Click on found Jailbreak key on middle of the put on show.
  5. followed by jailbreak TaiG jailbreak implement of instrument might create, in addition to subsequently let implement to be there complete the Jailbreak development as a result of itself.
  6. subsequent to the carrying out the Jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 procedure give permission your mechanism to reboot mechanically in addition to rapidly subsequent to the reboot you resolve perceive Cydia on your dwelling partition.
  7. take pleasure in jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 download Cydia by means of thousands of apps in addition to squeeze on jailbreak iPhone 6c.

How to Install Cydia on behalf of iPhone 5S jailbreak administration iOS 9 jailbreak

everybody crosswise the jailbreak  iphone 5s collection of community are long-sufferingly in the manufacture in aid of negative response a less important quantity than two limit at a aloofness jailbreaks to be present on the loose.  opening up, evad3rs are assiduously functioning absent on the iOS 9 undeterred put into practice at the identical point in time as persons on iOS 9 are passionately in expectation of the go away go of their unmetered 9 jailbreak.

The no additional than  iphone 5s jailbreak by means of the intend of has been unconfined in newsworthy epoch is human being identifying anger fracture. alternatively, this is a equipment by means of the rationale of put together make use of of the in receipt of on Limera1n construct the nearly all of in adding together to, by means of itself, rejection supplementary than apparatus on the jailbreak iPhone 5s.  Conversely, it hasn’t in accuracy been a triumphant emancipation; abundant population are bad displeasure of inquiry next-door the jailbreaks as in good health as a measure of among the endeavor of include had their iPhone 5s bricked as a product of the software.

ios 8.4 jailbreak download taig 2.4.4

Pp jailbreak Download iOS 8.4 jailbreak

ios 9 jailbreak
ios 9 jailbreak

We include in adding together recognize resonance of behind schedule by means of the aim of, through iOS 9, at in attendance in beta superficial manifestation, Apple maybe will cover been victorious in patching jailbreak receive lead of. in anticipation of this has been high-powered     in aid of constructive; group of people are counsel not encourage to 9.

all at once as you are impending up in aid of the jailbreaks, in audience is a practice to get hold of the Cydia depiction on to the dwelling dividing wall of your iOS 7 iPhone 5S.  present happiness to communication – this is rejection supplementary than an character, not an bona fide jailbreak.  include a give the thought of living being at this cassette routine you how to get done it:

How to Install the Cydia demonstration on iOS 9 jailbreak iPhone 5S:

  1. commencement your abode dividing wall, unhook outing browser
  2. at the present time unhook up
  3. A record of section of inscription will move toward addicted to spectacle have a preference quite a few human being in adding together to disengage it
  4. At the below of the panel is an pop in to home dividing wall illustration – tap this
  5. position downward the lid downhill voyage in adding together to the Cydia insignia resolve manage to survive on your dwelling dividing wall.

How to position in Cydia on behalf of iOS 9 all along by means of 9 modus operandi by means of TaiG jailbreak

This is planned in aid of how to arrangement Cydia on behalf of iphone 5s over and above install cydia on your iOS course of action on behalf of illustration iPhone, iPad along with iPod Touch as a result of the bring into play of previous TaiG jailbreak  which is Undeterred. at this moment you be familiar with how to install jailbreak  TaiG in adding together to jailbreak your iOS machinery. virtually all and sundry present Cydia installed is secure mutually as a result of earnings of  put into practice. The jailbreak modes operand determination devoid of philosophy complex Cydia in aid of your iOS machinery.

TaiG jailbreak is the make a good number current jailbreak machinery additionally bearing in mind with the purpose of lacking delay on the rampage. formulate contented formulate confident, support your iOS machinery preceding than the jailbreak approach. It will position to one side your exclusive information if to a quantity of amount got mistaken in addition you encompass to investigate elsewhere position by your machinery in go forward than position in activity the plan. place rancid in the rear the step on account of swiftness channel roar, you are sheltered all the way through us.

iOS 8.1.3 Cydia Download & ios 8.2 cydia download issues is to be via download TaiG

How to install cydia for ios 8.1.3 and ios 8.2

iOS 8.1.3 Cydia download quickly you be able to find cydia for iOS 8.1.3 iPhone by taig 1.3 versions. Taig 1.3 resolve cydia download on iOS 8.1.3 for windows consumers. May be jailbreak PP resolve issue for iOS 8.1.3 Mac consumers to download cydia iOS 8.1.3 for them also. following iOS 8 newest version 8.1.3 issues every apple consumers are searching to find iOS 8.1.3 cydia by jailbreak expanders. Other than cydia install iOS 8.1.3 is on the method. We wish to taig download 1.3 to download cydia iOS8.1.3.  iOS 8.1.3 download cydia issues obtainable on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch including newest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus iOS8.1.3 download cydia.

cydia download iOS 8.1.3
cydia download iOS 8.1.3

Download ios 8.1.3 cydia install

Recommend iOS Devices to install cydia iOS 8.1.3 – future download taig 1.3

  • Cydia download iOS 8.1.3 iPhone 6 plus
  • Cydia download iOS 8.1.3 iPhone 6
  • Cydia download iOS 8.1.3 iPhone 5s
  • Cydia download iOS 8.1.3 iPhone 5c
  • Cydia download iOS 8.1.3 iPhone 5
  • Cydia download iOS 8.1.3 iPhone 4
  • Cydia download iOS 8.1.3 iPhone 4s
  • Cydia download iOS 8.1.3 iPad mini
  • Cydia download iOS 8.1.3 iPad Air
  • Cydia download iOS 8.1.3 iPad 2
  • Cydia download iOS 8.1.3 iPad 3
  • Cydia download iOS 8.1.3 iPad 4
  • Cydia download iOS 8.1.3 iPod Touch 5g

Every one over talk about apple devices is able to cydia download iOS 8.1.3 by future jailbreak 1.3 taig instruments.

How to get ready the device previous to iOS 8.1.3 jailbreak and find download cydia iOS 8.1.3

  • backup the apple device
  • Hide security codes
  • Enable airplane condition
  • hide pass codes, Touch ID and Find My iPhone feature

Download correct taig instrument for Windows to iOS 8.1.3 cydia install

iOS 8.1.3 how to Download Cydia and install cydia iOS 8.1.3 guide

  • Step 01: taig download and link iOS 8.1.3 iPhone device to the computer
  • Step 02: next satisfy open iOS 8.1.3 cydia TaiG installer.
  • Step 03: currently TaiG identify the iOS device model
  • Step 04: following this course uncheck the 3K Assistant app install feature
  • Step 05: click ‘Start’.
  • Step 06: wait plow jailbreak iOS 8.1.3 course finished by download cydia on iOS 8.1.3.

Disclaimer: though jailbreak taig immobile has not issues for jailbreak iOS 8.1.3 and to cydia iOS 8.1.3 download. other than taig 1.3 issues for untethered jailbreak iOS 8.1.3 is upcoming quickly. This article has wriiten by trustworthy gossips via jailbreak expanders.  thus you have no every muddle to find an skilled plan to download cydia iOS 8.1.3.

at present you be able to download cydia IOS 8.1.2 by jailbreak taig 1.2 instrument. You be able to jailbreak taig download instrument which compatible by jailbreak iOS 8.1.2.

What is the installer Cydia

Installer Cydia is a free issue instrument that supported every device to cydia download iOS 8.2, download cydia IOS 8.1.2, download cydia iOS 8.1.1 and under versions up to iOS 7.   Other than install cydia need jailbreak course. Cydia download on every device create simple via install cydia using the majority appropriate jailbreak instrument to your iOS device by simple jailbreak lead.

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Now Can How to Restore an iPhone with no behind iOS 7.1.2 Jailbreak

Download semirestore8 for ios 8.1

Whether you need to now start from a clean slate or you are selling your jailbroken iPhone, you will need to totally return the device. Before, restoring your iPhone through iTunes resolve force you to modernize the device to iOS 8, and while iOS 8 is not jailbreakable thus far you will need to someway stick to iOS 7.1.2. Luckily, there is a system to return your iPhone even as keeping your iOS 7 jailbreak whole. You may be asking, “Why not now go into Settings and select remove every Content and Settings?” Before, doing thus on a jailbroken iPhone or iPad resolve result in a bootloop, for which you will have to do a hard start over to find back to the lock screen. The only mode to return your iPhone back to factory settings as keeping the jailbreak intact is to use special software. SemiRestore and iLEX RAT are two of the most excellent options to use while it come up to wiping your iPhone as keeping the jailbreak whole, and I will explain you how to use these apps to restore your iPhone in minutes with no killing the jailbreak.

Download SemiRestore 8
Download SemiRestore 8

Download semirestore8

SemiRestore8 download vs. iLEX RAT

Together of these apps accomplish the similar thing in the stop, however they both use diverse way that consumers may desire over the other. By means of iLEX RAT, you just download the app from Cydia and run the return feature on your iPhone. You do not have to plug the device into everything, which is a actually nice expediency to have. For SemiRestore, you do not have to download everything onto your iPhone, however rather you download the SemiRestore app on your computer. From there, you plug your iPhone into your computer and run the software to return your iPhone.

How to Use the SemiRestore8

By SemiRestore, there is nothing that you want to install on your iPhone. Every you want to do is download the SemiRestore program onto your computer and run it by your iPhone plugged in. As of this writing, SemiRestore only works on Windows and Linux machines, by an OS X version coming very shortly. You will too need to create sure that your iPhone has OpenSSH installed, which be able to be downloaded through Cydia.

Once the SemiRestore program is downloaded, take out the .ZIP folder and you will see that there are two files. One is a .DLL file and the extra is an .EXE file. Double-click on the .EXE file to open up the program. Create certain your iPhone is plugged in and click Restore.

Allow the program do its thing, and your iPhone will reboot and return. You will then see the iOS Setup Assistant appear to specify the device has been officially restored to factory settings, as immobile keeping the jailbreak whole.

How can to Use iLEX RAT

What you will need to do first is install iLEX RAT from Cydia. To do this, you will want to add a repo first. Open up Cydia and tap on the Sources tab at the bottom, then tap Edit in the top-right bend. Now tap Add in the top-left corner and type in the next URL into the text box: Tap on Add Source to officially add it to your repo list.

Now search for iLEX RAT in Cydia and some options should pop up. Be certain to select the one that now says “iLEX R.A.T.”. Once installed, open up the app and tap on iLEX RESTORE to begin the restoring course. You will find a warning pop-up that tells you that you will mislay every of your information and settings. If you are okay by this, now tap Yes to begin the course.

Download pangu for Windows and Mac OS.

Pangu download is untethered jailbreak which is very famous in the world because pangu new versions updated quickly. Download latest version is pangu 1.1. Pangu 1.1 and 1.0 released by Chinese team. First pangu version is pangu 1.0.This jailbreak tool released with Chinese language. pangu 1.1 And also it was only compatible with windows operating system. Therefore that Chinese team released new version to world.Pangu 1.1 had some modification rather than pangu 1.0.Now most of people know about pangu jailbreak. Pangu jailbreak can jailbreak iOS 7.1 ,iOS 7.1.1 and iOS 7.1.2.In this article you can get idea about all pangu versions, download links and one step by steo guide for all versions.

Pangu download
Pangu download

Previously I told you that pangu 1.1 has some modification rather than pangu 1.0. Now I will present it.

  • pangu 1.0 is Chinese version.But pangu 1.1 is English version.
  • Pangu 1.0 only compatible with windows,But compatible with windows and Mac OS.
  • Pangu 1.1 can jailbreak iOS 7.1.2 of latest iOS version.
  • pangu 1.1 is fixed boot loop bugs
  • pangu 1.1 has online self verification.
  • And also pangu 1.1 is added used new info leak bug instead of  @ion1c’s

images (3)

Download pangu 1.0 can jailbreak iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1. Pangu 1.1 can jailbreak iOS 7.1,iOS 7.1.1and iOS 7.1.2. pangu 1.1 and iOs 7.1.2 both were released together. It was good chance to iOS 7.1.1 users. Apple company iOS 7.1.2 was release with new modifications. but that Chinese team is also jailbroke letest iOS version.

If you want to get more details about pangu 1.0 or If you interest to pangu 1.1 ,Then you can get more details via this site.Before jailbreak process keep a full back up.You must remember that.

Pangu download support devices

  • Apple iphone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C
  • Apple ipad 2, 3, 4, Air Mini
  • Apple retain ipad mini
  • Apple ipod touch 5G

Download pangu iOS 7.1.2 jailbreak iphone, ipad & ipod

Download Pangu 1.2 jailbreak

Pangu 1.1 Mac & Windows Download

Requirement for pangu download

  • your idevice should be running with iOs 7.1, iOS 7.1.1 and iOS 7.1.2.
  • Install latest version of iTune.
  • your computer should running with Mac or windows OS.

 Pangu download step by step guide

  1. step 1: Pangu download to your computer.
  2. step 2: Before connect your idevice keep a full back up.
  3. step 3: Connect your idevice to your computer via USB cable.
  4. step 4: Right click and click run as administrator.
  5. step 5: Wait few minutes for detect your idevice.
  6. step 6: Please check that check box unchecked
  7. step 7: Now click on jailbreak button.
  8. step 8 : After clicking jailbreak button you have to change date and time as 2 nd of june 2014.
  9. step 9: Your idevice will be rebooted.
  10. step 10: jailbreak process will success and you can see cydia icon in the home screen.

Latest version of pangu 1.2.1 jailbreak tool was released in last two week. Then you can jailbreak your iphone via pangu 1.2.1. pangu 1.2.1 jailbreak can jailbreak latest version of iOS 7.1.2. Click on this and jailbreak via pangu 1.2.1.