How to iCloud Bypass Activation using DoulCi

presently there are just 3 working answer that be able to help you bypass icloud activation screen. This answer is future to help real user who have bought their iOS device such as iphone, ipad and ipod from online check similar to ebay or swappa . Okay let’s observe how you be able to change your luxurious paperweight iOS device into working iOS device again.using following direct download link for download bypass icloud activation.

iCloud Bypass Activation DoulCi Download iOS 8.0 to iOS 8.1.1

iCloud bypass activation
iCloud bypass activation

earlier than preparing for icloud bypass (Recommended)

  • 1 should be in window ( work in some window OS version such as XP, vista, 7 and 8)
  • 2 If you are a mac operating system user : utilize technique give in  to install window on macbook
  • 3 Does not work by mobile phones. thus essentially you must be in laptops or computers running windows operating system.
  • 4 I suggest to disable antivirus for 10 or 15 minutes through bypass procedure and utilize browser such as  firefox , opera mini or internet explorer in its place of Google chrome .

iCloud bypass Instruction

  • 1 initially download the software from the link I give above.
  • 2 Install it ( Recommended to disable antivirus)
  • 3 Connect your iOS device and iphone
  • 4 Follow the onscreen guide lines

iDevices for iCloud bypass activation

  • iPhone 6 bypass icloud
  • iPhone 6 bypass icloud
  • iPhone 5 bypass icloud
  • iPhone 5S bypass icloud
  • iPhone 5C bypass icloud
  • iPhone 4 bypass icloud
  • iPhone 4S bypass icloud
  • iPad air bypass icloud
  • iPad mini bypass icloud
  • iPad 2 bypass icloud
  • ipad 3 bypass icloud
  • iPad 4 bypass icloud
  • iPod Touch 5g bypass icloud

iOS versions For iCloud Bypass activation

  • iOS 8.1.1 bypass icloud
  • iOS 8.1 bypass icloud
  • iOS 8.0 bypass icloud
  • iOS 8.0.2 bypass icloud
  • iOS 7.1 bypass icloud
  • iOS 7.1.1 bypass icloud
  • iOS 7.1.2 bypass icloud
  • iOS 7.0 bypass icloud
  • iOS 7.0.1 bypass icloud
  • iOS 7.0.2 bypass icloud
  • iOS 7.0.3 bypass icloud
  • iOS 7.0.4 bypass icloud
  • iOS 7.0.5 bypass icloud
  • iOS 7.0.6 bypass icloud

icloud bypass iOS device.

  • 1.essentially what this software does is break down the icloud set up, thus bypassing icloud activation screen .
  • 2 at the present next method to bypass icloud is to make contact with the owner from whom you have bought your iOS device and inform them to eliminate icloud set up. He can eliminate icloud activation screen distantly and then put out of action find my iphone
  • 3 If you are the actual owner of your iOS device , call apple service or obtain appointment with apple genius with correct documents and the will help you with this procedure.

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